Chinese New Year Celebration !!!

"Dear Edward and Alex,
I have to drop you a line to express my great appreciation for the service from Smith Limousine.  I made two last minute schedule changes, (I hate to make those change), but Alex managed very well with quick email confirmation. It let me feel relax and confident. 
Please pass my thanks to Brian, Scott, and Michael for their coming on time, BIG smiling faces and more important – patience. Also thanks Brian for his helping organize luggage when the team leaving early in the morning. Tell him his pictures with Chinese young performers could be posted at Chinese Blog any time.
Thank you again. You should take credit for our success of this Chinese New Year Celebration performance." 

US China Chamber of Commerce - Dallas, TX

Limo Driver give a great advice for drivers caught on snow

Braking in the snow : if your vehicle is equipped with ABS, press the brake firmly ( don't need to stand on it, if it is chattering lightly it is stopping as well as is possible.) And steer where you want to go. Your maneuvering is very slightly impaired so if you need to turn slightly faster to go around something you can let off a bit. The reason this is preferable to engine braking is that you are applying slowing force to 4 wheels instead of two. If you have no ABS be extra extra cautious. If you need to steer pump the brakes on and off, if you have time or have no exit threshhold braking can stop you faster than pumping or abs on ice however is very difficult to do effectivley. Press the brake slowly untill one or more tires lock up, you can tell by sound or car behaviour (be careful easy to lose control if not mindful) let off slightly untill the wheels are no longer sliding, and hold that pressure steady. Transmissions and how to use them: In a manual transmission engine braking is great, it saves you gas, brakepads, and its fun. You must not do this from too high of rpm as it could itself cause the drive tires to start sliding. Use the real brakes for emergencies. Autos : from most manudacturers the shifter will go from drive to neutral without needing to depress the interlock, for a very specific reason. Automatics always engine brake, on their own automatically. This is great however it has the side effect of always using some availabe traction, which will make it harder to maneuver in a slide or emergency situation, or make it difficult or even impossible in some vehicles to regain control while in drive. The solution is to slap that nshifter in neutral as soon as you realize danger. Manual boys do this by pressing the clutch.

Going Green

Smith Limousine is Going Green !!!

Smith Limousine has added to its fleet the new Mercedes Benz R-350 Blue-Tec technology.
Mercedes Benz, pioneer of the original diesel car has reinvented it without the noise, odor and emissions of the old one. By injecting a solution called AdBlue into the exhaust, Blue-Tec reduces smog-causing NOx to harmless nitrogen and water vapor.
Today's Blue-Tec models are simply the world's most advanced diesels, with the ultra-low emissions, high fuel economy and responsive performance.

Give us a call, book your transfer and enjoy your ride protecting the environment.

New Year, New Way to Travel

With the new year comes many new and exciting transportation needs and opportunities.  Whether you need executive transportation, convention transport, or airport drop off and pick up, we are the premier choice for luxury transportation. 

Call 214.951.0600 or go to the reservation menu to set up a pickup today!

Smith Limousine Receives 2011 Dallas Award

U.S. Commerce Association’s Award Plaque Honors the Achievement

NEW YORK, NY, September 16, 2011 -- Smith Limousine has been selected for the 2011 Dallas Award in the Limousine Service category by the U.S. Commerce Association (USCA).

The USCA "Best of Local Business" Award Program recognizes outstanding local businesses throughout the country. Each year, the USCA identifies companies that they believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and community.


Celebrating our 25th Anniversary !!!

Smith Limousine is proud to have served the metroplex since 1985. View our celebrity client list, testimonial letters and more.

Celebrity Clients

Over the years we have had the opportunity to serve many celebrities and VIP's! From  Cindy Crawford to The Jackson's, our clients trust Smith Limousine to provide reliable and trustworthy service.

Miss America 2009 - Ms. Katie StamMr. Haddad & Ambassador Yousef Al OtaibaMr. Julio Iglesias & Mr. Abe Haddad
Mr. Stephen KingMs. Liza MinelliMr. Dave Koz
Mr. James RussoMr. Phil PerryMr. Henry Winkler
Dallas Cowboys CheerleadersMs. Cindy CrawfordMs. Martha Reeves
SharonFrankie Beverly & MazeMs. Gretchen Stofer
Mr. James IngramThe WhispersMr. Abe Haddad & Ms. Patti Labelle
Ms. Jo Dee MessinaMr. Alex BugnonMs. Jaclyn Smith
Ms. Phyllis HymanMs. Natalie ColeMs. Roberta Flack
The Jacksons

Smith Limousine Drives You To The Game!

Our company is honored to drive VIP's to any venue, either at American Airlines Center, The Magnificent AT&T Stadium, Rangers Ball Park or Pizza Hut Park.

Games and concerts are great events to utilize a limousine. You are driven right through the traffic, past the parking lots, and brought straight up to the front door. No hassles and no parking fees. Enjoy the venue and go ahead and have some drinks, you have a designated driver!
After the event it is so easy to get into your private limousine and take a ride to the next outing or back home.

No headaches, no worries, no hassle, just great fun to share with your family, friends, or clients.

For information on renting a limo contact us at 214-951-0600


View our many letters of recommendation

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