Smith Limousine will use, disclose, receive and maintain consumer privacy as necessary to effect, administer or enforce the transaction(s) of a client and then, only for the specific purpose for which non-public personal information was disclosed by client and only in accordance with the client and any other applicable law, rule or regulation of any jurisdiction relating to the collection, use, disclosure or use security of non-public personal information.
Smith Limousine will immediately notify the client in writing of any disclosure or use of any non-public personal information by Smith Limousine or any of its representatives in breach and any breach in security measures that creates a risk of unauthorized access to or use of non-public personal information. Smith Limousine has been approved by Exxon Mobil Security auditor including maintaining and collecting non-public personal information.

Smith Limousine respects your privacy and will never share your information. Your information is stored in a secure zone on our website. View our privacy policy.

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